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Server 2012 Cannot Eject Mounted ISO

Mounted an ISO from a network resource \\servername\sharename\imagename.iso

Then it would not eject. “An error occurred while ejecting DVD drive…”  Ya think?


I exhausted my voluminous (read minimal) “the drive is stuck” knowledge base.  UofG and UofB gave me nothing.  However, I did discover some nifty powershell stuff like mount-diskimage, dismount-diskimage, and the ubiquitous get-diskimage.

But, alas! no joy in Mudville.

One of my co-workers Lync’d up and gave me this suggestion:  compmgmt.msc, drive management, eject from there.  Wala!


I assume (well, my budro says…) that something got “stuck” and had a file or something open and it won’t let the normal UI eject the drive, but the Drive Management tools will do it.  Can we assume this will be effective in Windows 8 also?  I hope I never find out, but you know how that goes.

I am currently genuflecting towards Marrietta, Georgia.  Thank you Edward Walton, the Man, the Legend.


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