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TsooRad is a blog for John Weber. John was a Skype for Business MVP (2015-2018) - before that, a Lync Server MVP (2010-2014). My day job is titled "Technical Lead, MS UC" - I work with an awesome group of people at CDW, LLC. I focus on collaboration and infrastructure. This means Exchange of all flavors, Skype, LCS/OCS/Lync, Windows, business process, and learning new stuff. I have a variety of interests - some of which may rear their ugly head in this forum. I have a variety of certifications dating back to Novell CNE and working up through the Microsoft MCP stack to MCITP multiple times. FWIW, I am on my third career - ex-USMC, retired US Army. I have a fancy MBA. One of these days, I intend to start teaching. The opinions expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone.


Lync Server 2013 Dashboard

I recently had a small issue with the Monitoring Server reports – specifically, the Dashboard view returned the following error:

Report processing stopped because too many rows in summary tables are missing in the Quality of Experience (QoE) database. To resolve this issue, run dbo.RtcGenerateSummaryTables on the QoEMetrics database.

Oh, how nice.  There are numerous references on the internet to this issue, and they all involve going into SQL manager and executing stored procedures on either the LCSCDR or the QoEMetrics databases as shown.


All well and good.  For the sake of completeness, here is the actual procedure outlined so you can see it.  Note that the issue outlined here had both databases mentioned, I only had the one – but, I forged ahead and ran the stored procedure against both databases just for good measure.

Fail.  Redid CU2 and SQL SP1 across the environment. Fail.

OK, back to UofG for some more edimication.  After about 2 hours, I found this little tidbit at the bottom of a forum article: run the dbo.RtcRecreateSummaryTable procedure. 


Having nothing to lose, I did this, and wala!  Success.  FWIW, I executed the dbo.RtcRecreateSummaryTable  to both LCSCDR and QoEMetrics – but let us not complain too much, my dashboard is working again.



1 comment:

Curtis Wright said...

Thanks for your post, I was running into the same error and wasn't able to get it working until I did the "recreate Summary Tables" action.

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