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Logitech Wireless Headset Dual H820e Device Review

Disclaimer:  Logitech provided the device.

This article also applies to the Mono H820e. The Mono H820e appears to be identical with the exception of being only a “one-ear” setup.

What it is

The Logitech Wireless Headset Dual H820 is a DECT stereo wireless headset that has an “Optimized for Microsoft Lync” label on the box. Logitech is claiming this compatibility but the Microsoft website has not updated in a while – March 2013 appears to the be last device list update.

What the hell is “DECT” you might ask?  I know I sure did.  Here is a little blurb on DECT .  If you are just DYING for information on DECT, try this.

The documentation that came out of the box with the device was very minimal.  You can also get the documentation online.  With such minimal documentation and the claim that no software is needed, I expected to be able to just fire this thing up and ride off into the sunset.  Let’s find out.

What’s in the Box


Well, there is a bit more that comes out of the box, but I did not think you wanted to see some fuzzy pic of the Safety or Setup Guide.  Setup was dirt simple.

Does it Work?

Following the aforementioned voluminous instructions, I plugged it in, let it charge a bit, stuck the USB cable into the base and into my USB hub, and voila!  Turns out that the minimalistic documentation was minimal for a reason.  Nothing more is needed. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.


But how does it work?  Audio quality was excellent.  Lync functions were immediate.  Lync controls or headset controls muted, volumed, answered, and hung up.  And the each device respected the other’s button clicks or pushes.  The headset provided aural tones to indicate button pushes.

I used Pandora to play music through the headset.  Musically, I think it could use a bit more bass.  My daily standard is a Logitech H650e – and the musicality of that device is MUCH better.  However, how many out there in device review reader land use their business headset to listen to music?  And, the wired headset has a major negative – that wire thing.  The H820e let me wander all over my expansive office space and down the hall, and up the stairs, and out into the parking lot.  I add also that in my kitchen visit, a certain microwave device did not affect the H820e at all – something that causes my Bluetooth device all sorts of disconnects and other audible issues.

Let’s talk noise cancellation.  Wowzer!  I was on a conference call with NYC and Appleton.  I had to crank my stereo waaaaay up, and then the folks on the conference could only barely make out that the music was playing.  Nice!  Whatever Logitech is doing with that slice of life they are doing very well.  Overall, the voice quality – both directions – on the H820e is in the upper range of the the “superior” category. I give the audio for the H820e a solid 9.5 on the TsooRaD scale.  With better musical response, I would give it a 10.

The Controls

The controls are raised up from the surrounding section of the unit.  This makes them very easy to find.  Once I actually read the instructions which clearly showed what button was what and where, I had no issues and each button functioned as expected.  The charging base is a solid piece of kit.  I do mean solid. The headset, while attached to my gourd, was comfortable, the boom is adjustable, and there is a little red light on the back of the boom so people behind you can see if you are stopping at the intersection on a call.


The Logitech H820e both Binaural (really?  BINaural – why is that term with a “N” in it? Why not just say stereo?) and the Mono are excellent devices with excellent construction, fit, finish, and with audio in the superior category.  My limited test is continuing even as I type this – and it would appear that all Logitech claims for features, function, and audio quality are well stated. You can get one right here.


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