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TsooRad is a blog for John Weber. John was a Skype for Business MVP (2015-2018) - before that, a Lync Server MVP (2010-2014). My day job is titled "Technical Lead, MS UC" - I work with an awesome group of people at CDW, LLC. I focus on collaboration and infrastructure. This means Exchange of all flavors, Skype, LCS/OCS/Lync, Windows, business process, and learning new stuff. I have a variety of interests - some of which may rear their ugly head in this forum. I have a variety of certifications dating back to Novell CNE and working up through the Microsoft MCP stack to MCITP multiple times. FWIW, I am on my third career - ex-USMC, retired US Army. I have a fancy MBA. One of these days, I intend to start teaching. The opinions expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone.


Veeam and Volume Mount Points & RDM

It would appear that Veeam does not play well with volume mount points.  At a recent project, we migrated into a new Exchange 2010 environment using volume mount points attached to c:\volmtpt – Veeam would see the empty folder, but never the contents.

We were providing the the raw drive space with RDM.  So we tried the same drive space, but mounted as a direct drive.  Veeam could not see that either. Veeam support forums hinted that RDM may or may not work – apparently depending on the phase of the moon.  There are some folks who claim to have it working – but not me.

In the end, we went with raw drive space vmdk.  Now it works as expected.  But what if you don’t want 24 drive letters?  Or even more than 1?  Windows Server Backup, in the same scenario had no issues with the mount point construction.



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