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Plantronics Voyager Legend UC Device Review

Dislcaimer:  Plantronics provided this device.

I had an excellent English professor back a few decades ago. His mantra was “do not use 100 words when 10 will do.”  Decoded, that means keep it short, simple, and to the point.  Accordingly, this is the short version of my Plantronics Voyager Legend UC device review.  This is actually the third version.  The first version was long, had pictures, and rambled about with features, contents of the box, yada yada yada. My second version was about three sentences. This, then, is the third version – with some contents of the first version and the three sentences of the second version.


A Bluetooth device for your cell phone (and Lync) becomes, to a large degree, how well the device fits your ear/head, and how well it integrates into your life and usage.  Face it, after you get the device setup, and connected, all of the devices on the market operate pretty much the same.

However, there are some choices that make life easier to deal with.  For instance, in-ear or on-ear – I am an “in-ear” user – I don’t like the way the “on-ear” flops around.  The Voyager Legend is an “in-ear” – and it comes with a choice of ear-thing sizes.  There are some "in-ear” devices that just plug into your ear like you are a secret agent, but they tend to flop around also.  The Voyager is not only ‘in-ear” but it also goes around the back of your ear. Very comfortable (to me). 

What comes in the Box

What I have in front of me appears to be a retail box with a label identifying the contents as “Voyager Legend UC, B235-M, NA”  Part Number 87680-1.  Apparently made in April 2013 – well, it has a date code.

Here is your single picture for this article:


Notice the THREE different chargers… wall outlet to USB, USB cradle thingy, USB Cable to magnetic doohickey that fits the earpiece and a FOURTH option – the case.  The case holds the earpiece, and the USB dongle – and it can be charged so that you have a fully charged earpiece (good for 7 hours and a boatload of standby) and the case can recharge the earpiece twice. Yowza!

For informational purposes, I deliberately drained my earpiece and used the case to recharge – never had an issue.  And while we are on that subject, I got an honest 6+ hours of talk time; I had to TRY and run the battery dead. Nice, Nice, NICE! There is software to download from Plantronics to do something with this device – but I never did anything with it, never downloaded it.  No need when I got my required functionality with the OOBE.


I wish there was room for fault, but plugging the USB dongle into my laptop resulted in Windows 8 and Lync 2013 starting to use the Voyager Legend.  It DID take about 30 seconds to work the first time through.  Apparently you cannot have the device operate Lync and my cell phone at the same time.  There!  A complaint. 


Did you wonder where the three sentences from the second version were?  Here they are, truncated to what was simple, and direct:  IMHO, what a great piece of gear.  I guess I am down to only seven words in one sentence being required.


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