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YADR–Logitech H820e (dual)


I had forgotten.  Back a few years ago, May of 2013 to be exact, I reviewed this headset.  I used it for a few months, and then other headsets came and went, and I kept going back to it.  About a year ago, it broke.  Not the headset’s fault, but a *&^%$# cat incident.  So I used other solutions.

The other day a box showed up with some new toys from Logitech, and one of them was a squeaky new Logitech Wireless Headset Dual H820.  DECT.  No software needed.  Plug n Play.  And no, not Plug n Pray, it really just jacks in and works.


Here is the official Logitech market-speak

SfB Connection

I have to say something.  uhm… it works perfectly.  Optimized for SfB/Lync, certified on the OIP.  What else can you say about a product that plugs in and your application goes “blink bonk” and starts to use it?




Much as I remembered, oh so nice.  No wires tethering my skull to the laptop. I consider this to be a HUGE plus.

Audio Quality

Dang but this is a nice piece of gear for voice. And with the slider in the WB (as opposed to NB) wowzer!  For the unwashed, WB and NB is Wide Band and Narrow Band.  In the DECT world, this somewhat equates to signal quality and range.  And maybe battery life.  Music is pretty excellent also. 

Back to SfB Connections

SfB client will do stereo to this headset.  Oh yes.  For those of us who suffer from a previous lifetime that caused hearing loss, having an over-the-ear, or on-the-ear solution with actual speakers in cups rather than some microdot in a ear canal thing is a real bonus.  ooh ooh ooh.

Noise cancelling mic standard.  One of the problems I see with SfB/Lync is that the devices pick up every last little noise.  And when the audio stream is literally silent if no one is talking, then the ambient noise on either end can be a real distraction.  Logitech wizardry to the rescue.  This headset ignores just about everything except what is right in front of the mic boom.  Really well done.

Build quality is right up there in the excellent to superior bracket – as you would expect from Logitech.  Comfort – yep.  Range?  Dang, I can wander all over and not lose signal.  Another HUGE plus.  That makes two of them.


Build quality, SfB/Lync certified, comfort, features, functionality. After having used at least six different headsets over the last 18 months, I hereby declare the H820e as my favorite.  There are others that offer more widgets, more wires, more software, or are customizable to the nth degree, but none of them perform the core task of being a VOIP headset and delivering audio to your gourd nearly as well the H820e.  

And, you can still get your very own H820e right here.



twardzik said...

excellent stuff. thanks for the data and keep it coming.

IGnatius T Foobar said...

I have an H820e and love it as well. But the battery life is starting to diminish. I'm not seeing any option to replace the battery. Am I missing something or do they really expect you to replace the entire headset when it no longer holds a charge?

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