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Jabra Motion UC+ MS Review


More toys!  First up is the Jabra Motion UC+ MS.  Here is the market speak straight from Jabra.com.  Please note that the tested unit is the “…with travel and charge kit”


What’s in the box

First off, build quality is typical Jabra, right at the top of the pack. While the microphone boom folds and unfolds to provide the on/off function, it did not feel flimsy like the old Motorola HD devices did.  The Jabra feels substantial.

A nice half-moon, hard case that holds everything except the wall charger.  Everything includes the USB dongle, a USB cord, two extra ear-piece adapters, and the Jabra Motion itself.  The case itself is pretty nice; well made and provides a single spot to hold everything needed.  Well, except for the wall charger.  But, if you are on the road, most likely you will have your laptop and you can charge from that using the included USB cable.


The market speak (see above) claims 8 hours of talk time and 360 hours of standby.  I have been using this device for two straight days and it is still going.  When a call arrives, putting the unit into your ear answers the phone without having to push any buttons.  Nice.

Jabra claims a 100 meter range from base to unit.  I don’t know about that.  My cell phone would disconnect at about 30 feet (I assume the difference is in the BlueTooth version on the cell) and I don’t have a 100 meter known-distance-range to test the dongle range – but it seems to be pretty good.

I could not test the NFC pairing feature because my iPhone does not have that.  Hello!  Apple!  Are you listening?

An annoying?  nice?  feature:  power off if not in use.  But it resumes immediately upon speaking – whereby you get an aural notification and the device reconnects to the phone.  This feature uses the same motion sensors used to pick up the call when you put the device up to your ear.  I will note that in testing, when the device announces power off, it also seemed to resume aurally.  However, it only did that once, so I cannot comment further – maybe my head was shaking or something.  Either way, when in auto-power-off, the device resumed immediately.

Audio Quality

On the TsooRad Goodness scale, the audio of this device ranks at a 9.5 of 10.  In other words, nothing is perfect.  But I could not find any fault either.  Solid.  Good timbre, good volume, sound reproduction is crisp and accurate.

Lync Compatible

Note that my interest in this unit is the ability of the device to pair to my cell (an iPhone in my case) and my laptop at the same time.  How does that work?  Seamlessly.  Literally.  With no further effort on my part other than being logged into my Lync client and plugging the included USB dongle into an available port, I was making and taking calls with Lync but now I had the audio in my ear; at the same time, my cell operated as expected.  So nice.  Jabra also supplies a downloadable software package to further customize the user experience; I did not go that far – if it works just fine as is, why bother?


A very nice unit.  If you are looking for a travel device that connects to both laptop and cell so as to minimize your packing list, this should be on your list of contenders.


You can get your very own Jabra Motion UC+ MS right here.


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