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Logitech USB Headset Stereo H650e (A-00057)

Wow, what a name.  Makes me think that I am back in the Army looking at the “nomenclature” for a “pin, retaining, bolt, rifle, M14” or some such.

I also have a Logitech USB Headset Mono H650e (A-00050) on hand.  Comments here will apply to that device also, with the understanding that the single-ear headset will never touch my sacred skull except for testing.  I don’t know how people do this one-ear thing.  I have a hard enough time with my cell phone Bluetooth for a short call, let alone something for all day use.

As a disclaimer, Logitech did send these units to me for evaluation purposes; however, there were no strings attached, nor any pressure to say anything good – or bad – about these units. Folks who know me are well aware that if something sucks, I will say so.


The headset itself is very comfortable.  I used it all day today – essentially non-stop.  I never got any feeling that I needed to take it off – not something I can about my other headset (also a Logitech) which is several years old and much heavier.  The microphone boom on these units is adjustable for both angle-of-dangle from the earpiece as well as actually adjusting the boom itself to be where you want it.

The wire/cable leading from the headset to the USB connector is flat – supposedly to be a non-tangle feature.  Well, it works out to be true.  There is also a handy-dandy clip you can attach to the headset lead to hold the lead to your clothing and keep the control module off the desk where I typically stick my arm on it leading to unpredictable button pushes.

The control module itself has a microphone mute button, volume up/down, and an answer button.  The nicest thing about this headset (other than it having excellent audio quality) is the interface with Lync.  The mute button toggles Lync itself – Lync reflects muted and not muted. 


The call answer button will answer a Lync call and also hang up a Lync call.  Nice.

Audio Quality is excellent.  The headset earpieces are all-day comfy and the headband has a nice cushion on it to keep your head from not getting a hot-spot and causing headaches.  The volume control worked well, and the definition was much better than my current (old) Logitech unit.  My one complaint about the unit is that the microphone is so good I had to go into Lync and turn the microphone sensitivity waaaaaay down to make it appear that I was not shouting.


As a final piece of niceness, the back of the microphone boom has a red light that lights up when you are on a call.  Someone walking up behind you has a visible indication of you being busy!  This worked twice already today when someone walking in could see I was active on a call.



Overall quality, IMHO, is most excellent.  Audio, fit, finish, comfort and controls are all at the top of the chart.  Installation onto my laptop consisted of plugging into a USB port, waiting about 10 seconds and starting to use it.  Painless, and very typical Logitech.  Nothing else required.

The stereo unit is now my daily device.



Simon_M_London said...

Nice revew, thanks for that.

Can you tell me:
1 - Does the inline control / mute button work with Skype?

2 - Had the headset stood up to regular use now, after these few months?

tsoorad said...

I don't know about Skype. If nothing else, it will mute itself. As to the "how did it holdup after these few months" question....

Perfectly. It has been on the road with me, in the office, and I still think great things about it.

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