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LM and OC password lockout

A bit of trivia I discovered today.  The OC client and the LM client are sort of linked at the hip. I backed into this via Outlook and the LM addin…because I got locked out of my office account while testing the client’s install.  Something got bollixed up with the passwords…and here is what happened.

While doing some testing I had to change the login account on my OC.  I noticed that when I did that, the LM client picked up the change.  Nice!


But alas!  the password in the LM client account setup remains as the previous login…


Naturally, this resulted in the account being locked out for password failure.  So, while the LM did pick up the user name change, it bombed on the password.

Also, note that this is different depending on which way you work it…certainly not a two way street.  In the first scenario, I changed the username from OC, and LM picked up the change but not the password.  Going the other way is even worse; changing the username in LM only sent the sign-in name to OC client… the underlying verification stayed the same in both clients – and both were wrong.  In addition, the LM had the password from the other account!


Let’s hope this get’s fixed in CS 2010 where the LM and OC are one client.

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