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CMS install fails SfB 2015 Jan 2019 CU


We are upgrading/migrating from Lync 2010 to SfB 2015 (not 2019)( cannot do three levels at once).

New host servers are 2016 Standard.

SQL BE is 2016 SP2.

EE 2015 pool installed, patched to Jan 2019.

Updated databases on BE SQL.

Prepare for CMS move to new EE pool failed on install-csdatabase -centralmanagementdatabase ---- specifically it fails to find the SQL instance.

After much tshooting, we determined that any management workstation or SfB 2015 server with the Jan 2019 CU refused to take this action.

Process ran just fine with SfB2015 July 2018 CU, or from a management workstation running RTM bits.

This error appears on screen to be a SQL issue, but it’s not. There is something “different” with the install-csdatabase server when invoked as -centralmanagementdatabase that is preventing this action. While this error was present, a normal install-csdatabase -update -configureddatabases -excludecollocatedstores (which is needed for the jump from RTM to any CU past CU5) ran perfectly as did test-csdatabase -configureddatabases


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