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Lync 2013 Client Update “fixes” Meeting Join Failures

For those of us who are involved with doing Lync on-premise, one of the issues is meeting joins by outside/external invitees who happen to have Lync installed as part of Office, but don’t use it… which results in failing to join the meeting, which results in a help-desk call, which results in a call to us wanting us to “fix it” when nothing is broken.


Well, here is something that explains why this happens, and a recent change to the Lync client that may help resolve this issue with no action on your part.


IMHO, this is a great move in the right direction.

Of course, you can always show your customer how to edit each and every meeting invite to include the ?SL=1 suffix…which is a crappy solution at best, but one that works. And then there are various Exchange-based transport rule fixes: however, this fix is a bit clunky in that it will insert a generic string;maybe not the one you want per user.  I had one awesome customer who wrote a custom transport agent that works, sorta…sometimes…and which of you out there has enough time for custom coding work that may or may not be successful.

Sure would be nice if Microsoft would simply put two links in the original meeting invite – so that it looked like this with the obvious link already having the ?SL=1 code entered…



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