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Where is my Lync PIN Stored?

I don’t know why this question came up, but a client asked me today: “where does Lync store the user’s conference PIN?” I hate questions to which I don’t know the answer.  A few ideas came to mind; a co-worker suggested that the PIN was in SQL somewhere.

So I went looking.  Dang!  and looked.  And poked.  And prodded.  But finally!

RTCLocal instance, RTC database.  The table is dbo.UserPinMembership.


But, when you look at it, the actual PIN appears to be a one-way hash (like AD storing passwords). 


So, even after you find the magical user PIN, do not attempt to edit this value directly or you will probably be sorry.  Instead, use the PowerShell cmdlets provided for that purpose.


Take a look at




and if you are really adventurous,

Set-CSPinSendCAWelcomeMail which can be used sort of like this for the one-offs, or you can read a csv and set everyone at once.

Set-CsPinSendCAWelcomeMail -UserUri "sip:jweber@domain.com" -From "helpdesk@domain.com" -SmtpServer vmailbox.domain.com -Subject "your PIN" -Pin "135791" -Force -Verbose -UserEmailAddress jweber@domain.com

But trust me, don’t try to change or set the PIN using direct SQL edits.


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