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Blync–Busy light for Lync

Toys!  I got a new toy in the mail today.  Blync.  I bet that has something to do with Lync. What a clever name.  I must try it!

Very similar in function to the BusyLight, but a different shape.  USB connected.  Blync needs a software download. Here is what comes out of the box.  A masterpiece of packaging, someone has been paying attention to the Surface Pro packaging or the Apple packaging.  Very minimal, but more than sufficient to the task.


Here is the official market-speak for why you want/need this little gem in your environment.  No big surprise, it reads very much the same as the Kuando BusyLight.  After all, they do the same thing for you and your Lync users.

Once plugged in, and after the software is installed, the Blync lit up as a color match to my Lync client.  Here are the options presented by the software that controls Blync.


This puppy is bright.  On a dark night, you could almost use this as a reading lamp.  The color changes are distinct.  Did I mention it was bright? The last pic on the right should be yellow, but my high-quality camera washed out.  I did say it was bright, didn’t I?

 image image image image

The Blync - duh… blinks – on incoming calls.  Incoming and outgoing calls blinked.  Sort of like watching an old movie with the dark of night scene that has a neon light in the all-night diner that is flashing.  Bright. But missing the bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! sound a neon sign makes when it is shorting out.  I will note that the competition has a speaker that does ringtones; but their light is not as visible as the Blync even if it does pulse.  I think that Blync would be visible even in a well lit cube-farm type office.

You can get your very own Blync right here.


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