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Jabra Speak 410 MS

A while back, I reviewed the Jabra Speak 510 MS – clearly a superior piece of gear.  While at the Lync Conference 2014 last week, I got handed another Jabra speaker phone, this time the Jabra Speak 410 MS with a March 2014 label on it no less. 

Here is the official Jabra Speak 401 MS market-speak.  Note that it appears in many respects to be the same as the aforementioned 510 model.  In fact, to me they look identical.  However, there are differences.  The 410 has no battery, all you need is an open USB port.  No charging means no dead battery at a bad time.  There is also no Bluetooth, so no dongle to lose.



Past those differences, everything I said about the Jabra Speak 510 MS applies to the Jabra Speak 410 MS.  My laptop went ding! when it connected, then Lync just took it.  With no battery the 410 was instantly operational.  Nice sound, good volume control, excellent microphone, great controls.  And I love how the cord wraps into the base of the unit – right down to some handy engineer designing the USB  connector to be a tad squishy and shaped just so the base and the connector conflate just a tad and the cord stays neatly wrapped.  A great touch for an outstanding speaker phone that works seamlessly with Lync 2013.

Just checked the price and availability for these units. Prices appear to vary depending on where you look.  Some consideration should be given to the feature differences before you choose the 410 or the 510.


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