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VMware Workstation Cannot Change Network to Bridged


Cannot change network to bridged: There are no un-bridged host network adapters.  Using VMWare Workstation 8.06.


I ran Windows 8.1 Enterprise onto my work laptop.  Things were working just fine before (I never learn).  When I went to open a virtual I got the this lovely error message: 


Ain’t that purty?  Makes my virtual machine fairly useless.


It would appear that upgrading to Windows 8 removed the VMWare Bridge Protocol from all of my adapters.  Nice, huh?


After some reading that went further into the vagaries of VMWare and Windows 8 than I really wanted to go, I found this little gem:  http://blog.unixwiz.net/2010/09/vmware-workstation-there-are-no-un-bridged-host-network-adapters.html – and down towards the middle of that wonderfully detailed article is a bit about re-installing the VMware Bridge Protocol onto at least ONE of your network adapters.



Jeff L. said...


I'm curious why you continue to use VMware workstation on your work laptop. I just went through the same upgrade scenario, but I make use of Hyper-V (you know it's built in to Windows 8/8.1, right?) and didn't have any issues with my virtual machines after the upgrade.

Does VMware Workstation give you features Hyper-V does not, or is it simply a matter of continuing to use VMware because that's what you've used in the past?

tsoorad said...

Without trying to justify anything, I use VMWare for many reasons.

Unknown said...

thanks bro

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