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Empty Server Container in Exchange Configuration

edit 10.21.2011 1414 PST

Discovered that the ExBPA pitches an error if the servers container is missing.  D’oh!  Makes sense, sorta.  So I recreated the servers container in the First Administrative Group, with only the right type of container and name “Servers” – and that got rid of the error AANNDD the Exfolders access to the E2007 PF still works.  Nifty, eh?


While in the midst of an upgrade to  to 2010, we noticed that PF replication was bombing, ExFolders would not connect to the E2007 MBX – it threw a “recipient cannot be found” error -  and we were getting sporadic weirdness with the AddReplicaToPFRecursive.ps1 script.  We are using E2010 SP1 RU5.


The client had previously removed Exchange 2003 in favor of Exchange 2007 some 18 months or so ago.  Exchange 2003 was removed and roles transferred, but the server was never uninstalled.  This left some remnants behind, as you would expect.  The server was removed from AD with ADSIEdit as part of an AD cleanup prior to deploying E2010.

The Fix

A little light reading here and then we followed the obvious indication to remove the empty “servers” container from the “First Administration Group” left over from Exchange 2003.  DO NOT remove the entire “First Administration Group” container, or any others left over from legacy versions.

Wala!  At least this was an easy one.  This was supposedly fixed with E2010 SP1 RU5, but apparently not.


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