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Lync not searching GALContacts.db

We all expect the Lync client to just give us the name of the contact right after we type in the first few letters of the contact name.  But what happens when it does not?  For some strange reason, yesterday, right after an initial deployment of the first pool server, the clients would not search the GAL.  We patiently waited for the db file to arrive (overnight – it just worked out that way).  Nothing.  No galcontacts.db.  We created the initial 10 users and ran update-csaddressbook.  Nothing.

The really strange part is after a  log off/login cycle – with a full client exit, we did get the galcontacts.db file along with the idx, but the client did NOTHING.  Then it started just giving me the “A” list – which is the two builtins – Audio Test Service & Announcement Service – as shown…


But no real user.  You could not even type in the full SIP URI and get the user.  So I removed the db and idx file, logged back in, and then I could use the manual method.  Put the db and idx back in place, the situation returned.   Odd.

Long story short, there was something wrong with that galcontacts.db and galcontacts.db.idx pair.  We forced a new gal download by removing the existing files, closing the client completely, and setting the client to ignore the gal download delay by setting the registry as shown…

reg add HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Communicator /v GalDownloadInitialDelay /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

After getting a new GAL, everything was fine. 


Curt McGirt said...

so you had to do this on each lync client?

tsoorad said...

Yes, the file deletions were each client. The reg change I pushed from logon script.

Network Chimp said...

I'm running into the same weirdness. Tried your work around and that didn't work. I went so far as to rename the whole dir to sip:_OLD and it recreated. Still can't find anyone. I also get a message that the Lync client cannot connect to Exchange. Any ideas?

tsoorad said...

If Lync is having issues with auth to Exchange, are you sure you are using the correct perms to connect to Lync?
I have also nuked the entire ABS setup on the file share to resolve GAL issues, but that would be a final effort.
Does this affect all clients or just one?

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