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Spam spam spam spam

The Nigerian spam scam is making its’ rounds again.  I’ve been seeing this in filters for the last month or so.  Here is the first paragraph of what I received today:

Compliments of the day Sir,

How are you doing? Please this email is in regards to a consignment abandon which has been confiscated in your likely details etc, as the real approved receiving beneficiary from African delivering Company. we are running a scan text on this item to know why dropped before we discovered that it is a high valued and personal allocation, cash money is the content for delivering in your personal and company's favour hence this email. I have a scan copy result of Dubai airport detecting machine and can prove it.

Just for an eyeball test, how many grammar errors can you find in this short cut?  But, the scary part is not the bad grammar.  The scary part is that this spam is showing up because somebody is saying “wow, my lucky day!” and actually responding to this and following through, and losing their money.  This spam exists because if the numbers are big enough, even the 1/2 of one percent (or whatever the return is) is worth it to the originator.

Can people really be THAT stoopid?

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