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TSA Parasites

I am on my way to Oakland this morning.  Whilst standing in yet another line at the airport, I observed our government at work.

No less than 16 TSA employees, 14 of them doing nothing.  To be fair, and politically correct, the Rastafarian-looking dude was working at loading and humping bags back and forth.  One other guy was pawing through (random?) bags.  Sneezed on a couple of them.  In the 15 minutes or so that I observed these high-achieving union employees, I never saw more than 2 of them working at any time.

I assume that the color of the shirts denotes some sort of hierarchy – the folks in the blue shirts were serious nose-pickers.

The scary part of all this is that this will NEVER go away.  We are stuck with these people and the entire tax burden until such time as the government collapses – with ever higher wages, ever higher retirement and benefits, and ever less actual security.  These people were working where when this glorious dole-based opportunity came along?

Let us not discuss the baggage screening area where the even less motivated were checking ID and boarding passes.  I got through the screening so quickly, I wonder if anyone with more than two or three brain cells actually screened anything.  What exactly do we think, as tax payers, is being accomplished with all of this activity? Does this really make people feel safer; and because we “feel” it, we are?

Moo.  Or maybe baah.

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